World-Class Solutions for World-Class Customers

Formally established in March 2008, BNC MACHINERIES CORPORATION is a recognized importer, distributor, and supplier of innovative, high-quality industrial equipment and services to the food, personal care, animal nutrition, and various other industries.

We serve as agent/distributor of Packaging and Laboratory equipment for a number of suppliers known and respected around the world, including:

  • Meter Group, Inc. (USA) – Aqualab water activity meters
  • IKA Works (Germany) – mixers, homogenizers, dispersing, powder incorporation machines
  • Ichiro (Japan) – PH Meters
  • Turbofil (USA) – filling machines

Our line of packaging equipment ranges from primary and secondary machines to end-of-line systems, and may be customized to our customers’ specifications.

For our full line of equipment, please go to our Equipment products page.


To provide world-class solutions for world-class customers through Packaging and Laboratory Equipment that are innovative, high quality, safe & cost-effective.


To be recognized by world-class customers as a one-stop center for world-class packaging and laboratory equipment and services.


Honesty, Teamwork, & Passion for Excellence


Laboratory Equipment


Packaging Equipment


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