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Coming out of quarantine, creative minds are restored, re-energized, and refocused. Let’s kickstart some ideas to fill New Consumer needs!

As we move to GCQ, creative minds have come out of this quarantine — Restored. Re-energized. Refocused.

We are looking forward to hearing your ideas and bringing our ingredients to kickstart them!

Ingredients play an important role, more so in the future.

We foresee consumers looking for improved commodities (or essentials) such as:

FOOD – Shelf life stability in bakery and food products,

PC – Anti-bacterial claim for personal care items, infused with extracts and antioxidants,

NUTRITION – Immune-boosting vitamins and minerals for supplements, and

HYGIENE – Strong disinfectant claims for home care and hygiene.

Shelf life stability, safety, and starting with essentials are themes we can use for formulating! Start a conversation with us today!


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