DIY Lotion Kits @P800/kit

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Our Complete Do-It-Yourself Lotion Kits are now offered for entrepreneurial men and women wishing to venture into the personal care industry.  For a price of Php800.00 only per kit, it includes instructions and ingredients that give good sensory and more importantly, stability.  All you need to do is add the fragrance and actives of your choice – bear in mind, though, that they must be neutral in pH. (In which case we shall recommend hot process.)

Flexibility for Either Lotion/Cream

With our recommendation, you only use the same two(2) or three(3) raw materials to make yourself either a lotion or a cream!

Just a tweaking of the dosage will get you there.  No need to invest in too many raw materials and totally different formulations.

Cold Process “Blue Technology: The Pathway to Green”

With environmental sustainability as a growing concern, your products can enjoy a Blue Technology footprint logo in its packaging.

With cold process technology, heating is no longer part of your production process, making your process earth-friendly.

Advantages in Production

Some of our customers have gone up from 2 batches per day to 8 batches per day using this simple formulation.

Whip up a finished prototype in an instant to show your customers any of your concepts (ex. anti-aging, herbal product) that same day, and start production right away once approved!

In addition to this, the active ingredients in your products will not be subjected to heat (such as with traditional hot process) and lose some of its bioavailability during production.

Whether you are a manufacturer or have a toll manufacturer, this new shortened process and your total savings from heating costs and labor per batch would surely make a difference in your business!  Reach us now to get started!


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