The Skin’s New Fight against Infrared

Achieve Complete UV Protection with the latest ingredient “Venuceane”


Infrared radiation (IR) represents more than 50% of solar radiation. Representing more than half of the rays emitted by the sun, our skin is exposed daily to infrared radiation (IR).

Now identified as a major contributor to photo-damage, specific strategies to keep away IR are needed to achieve a complete and complementary protection to UV.


What does Infrared / UV radiation do?

  • It generates a heat increase which catalyses many ageing processes
  • IR radiation induces an increased amount of ROS by targeting the mitochondria, whereas VENUCEANE™ reduces it by 28%.
  • It penetrates deeper, damage is more extensive


By an adaptive response to heat increase and the counteraction of IR-induced ROS production, Venuceane™:

  • Lessens the inflammatory conditions
  • Improves hydration via the protection of the mitochondrial integrity
  • Prevents the denaturation of matrix macromolecules in order to limit wrinkle formation
  • By giving a Red card to InfraRed, Venuceane™ fights IR-Ageing.
  • Recommended use: 1.5- 5% according to claim


Venuceane™ adapts to the skin’s new fight against photo-ageing.


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