Lipofoods, part of the Lubrizol group of companies, is a global supplier of microencapsulation technology for these particular minerals:

  • Calcium (Lipocal)
  • Iron (Lipofer)
  • Zinc (Zincnova)

Benefits of using microencapsulated minerals in fortifying your products:

Some clear advantages using microencapsulated Iron/Calcium are:

  • Improved stability and dispersability in final formulas
  • Controlled interactions with other ingredients
  • Controlled release
  • Minimize unpleasant taste
  • Easy enrichment
  • Water dispersability
  • Enhanced bioavailability

For example, when compared with normal iron salts, absorption of Lipofer is 5 times higher. These results are scientifically and academically supported.


Applications for these new ingredients include:

  • Dairy Products
  • Infant Formula
  • Food Supplements, and
  • Fortified Food Products such as functional beverages, cereal bars & snacks, etc.

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